About ‘Tithing’…

The practice of tithing, the giving of 10% of our gross income to the Lord through His local church, is a spiritual discipline. Tithing is more about worship than money. It predates the giving of the Old Covenant Law. Abraham tithed to Melchisadek (Gen 14). Jacob made a vow to God that he would faithfully tithe ten percent of his income throughout his life (Gen. 28:20-22). It was then inscribed into the Law of Moses (Lev. 27:30-33). Even within this Law, the original intention of tithing – to worship and display trust in and reverence for , God – is given (Deuteronomy 14:22-23). In Proverbs 3:9-10 Solomon reiterates the spiritual principle of showing honour to God with the first of our income (the tithe) with the reminder that God always looks after those who do. After Israel broke the Old Covenant and were sent into exile, the prophet Malachi reminds the returning exiles – not of the Law – but of the Pre-Law principle of honouring God with the first ten percent of their income (Malachi 3:8-12). In the New Covenant, Jesus stated that God’s people should tithe (Matthew 23:23). He also gave the principle behind it – that it was a matter of heart devotion to God (Luke 12:34). He reminded His hearers of the blessing of trusting God with your finances with the promise that His Father would always ensure that needs would be supplied and then some when people honoured God with their money (Luke 6:38). In the Book of Acts we see that the early Christians seemed to regard tithing as the starting point for New Testament giving when they gave generously to support the work of the ministry and the needs of their fellow believers to be distributed through the church. There is, as many of us have found, tremendous blessing in giving to the Lord of our tithes and offerings. 

Electronic giving can be done by Direct Deposits made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account.

The BSB number is 127850

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