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11th, Thursday  10AM-1:30PM Meets every second Thursday of each month in the church foyer. Bring your own craft and lunch. Crafters are welcome to come for the whole time or just part of the time, it includes a short devotion. Cost: gold coin donation. See Elizabeth Weller for more information.

14th, Sunday 5:30PM, Pastor Donna Hill sharing

20th, Saturday 9AM Autumn Thrive

Sunday 28th March, 5:30PM, Dear Timothy – Wage Good Warfare, Dr. Andrew Corbett presenting:

31st 10:AM – 1:30PM Monthly Games morning and lunch. All welcome. Gold coin donation.



2nd, 10AM Good Friday

4th, 10AM Resurrection Sunday – Water Baptism Service // 6:00PM – The Chosen (movie)

25th, 10AM ANZAC Day, Guest speaker: Pastor Scott Hudson


2nd, 10AM & 5:30PM Dr. Mike Kwok, from Sydney, preaching

9th, 10AM Mothers’ Day, featuring a presentation from MOPS

Pastor Donna Hill preaching- Can You Carry A Bed?

14th, 7PM – 8:30PM, The Prayer & Worship Launch of the Will Graham Tasmanian Celebration, Tailrace Centre

16th, 10AM BECAUSE HE IS series commences

Sunday May 16th, 5:30PM


13th, 10AM Focus on the Persecuted Church with Open Doors


18th, 10AM Karl Faase preaching – Faith Runs Deep

31st, 7PM Prof. Tom Woodward (Florida, USA) – The Reliability of Science Confirming The Bible


1st, 10AM Prof. Tom Woodward (Florida) preaching: The Case For The Designer

15th, 10AM Thanksgiving Sunday, guest speaker: Pastor Phil Hills (Melbourne)  // 6:00PM Thanksgiving Dinner, Ps. Phil Hills speaking

28th, 9AM1:00PM  BGEA Evangelism and Follow-up Seminar

29th, 10AM Q & A with Dr. A


19th, 10AM Home Grown Sunday