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Our Home Groups are comprised of small groups of believers and seekers who generally meet in homes throughout the week, and some are meeting via ZOOM and usually do so each fortnight to share together, study God’s Word, pray for each other, and get to know each other better.

 Current Study Series:

Legana (Nobelius Dr)

Leader: Tom Nielsen Meets: Each Wednesday fortnight, 7PM


Leader: TBA  Meets: Each fortnight

Riverside (Far View Ave.)

Leader: Julie & Blair Davis  Meets: Each Wednesday fortnight, 7:30PM

LeganaYouth (Grade 6 – 12)

Leader: Alex Nielsen and team Meets: Every Friday during school terms 7:00PM


Leader: Trevor Weller Meets: Each Wednesday fortnight, 7:30PM

Legana (Rosevears Dr.)

Leader: Sari Makela Meets:2nd and 4th Mondays Venue: Legana

Legana Day – Wednesday

Leader: Lynne Parry Meets: Each Wednesday fortnight 11:00AM -12:30PM

West Launceston

Leader: TBA Meets:TBA Venue: West Launceston

Legana  Day – Thursday

Leader: Lynne Parry Meets: Each Thursday fortnight 11:00AM-12:30PM


Leader: TBA Meets:TBA Venue: Mowbray


Leader: TBA Meets:TBA Venue: Newnham


Leader: TBA Meets:TBA Venue: TBA

Young Adults (North Riverside)

Leader: Kim Corbett Meets: 2nd & 4th Monday

Kings Meadows

Leader: TBA Meets:TBA Venue: Kings Meadows

Legana (Fulton St)

Leader: Nick Sands Meets:TBA Venue: Legana