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THE GOSPEL – Paul’s Epistle To The Romans

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is considered his finest Epistle because it so succinctly makes the case for Christ as Saviour, and what the Christian Gospel is all about. Apart from the Gospels themselves, more people have come to Christ from reading this Epistle than probably any other New Testament book. 

This Study series includes printable PDFs and mentoring MP3s for the Group leader. To save either these PDFs of MP3s, simply “right-click” on the link and “Save As”.

TITLE PDF MP3 Coaching
Introduction  [PDF [MP3]
 Part 1 – The Power of God  [PDF]   [MP3]  
 Part 2 – Written On Hearts    [PDF]  [MP3
 Part 3 – None Righteous   [PDF]   [MP3
 Part 4 – Father Abraham    [PDF [MP3
 Part 5 – The Free Gift   [PDF]  [MP3
 Part 6 – Slaves Of Righteousness    [PDF]  [MP3]
 Part 7 – Nothing Good In Me    [PDF] [MP3
 Part 8 – According To His Purpose   [PDF  [MP3]
Part 9 – God’s Purpose Of Election  [PDF] [MP3]
Part 10 – The End Of The Law  [PDF] [MP3]
Part 11 – A Partial Hardening [PDF] [MP3]
Part 12 – Sacrifices, Stewards, Servants   [PDF] [MP3]
Part 13 – Put On The Lord Jesus Christ   [PDF] [MP3]
Part 14 – Pursue What Makes For Peace [PDF [MP3]
Part 15 – May You Abound In Hope  [PDF [MP3]
Part 16 – Watch Out For Those Who Cause Division [PDF [MP3]



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