Legana Christian Church recognises that every person is designed to be loved and feel accepted. These intangible needs are made all the greater in those who have experienced brokenness, especially sexual brokenness. We strive to be a welcoming communities where people can have these needs met, and find healing for their soul as the truth of Christ and His Word sets them free.
It was Jesus who taught that our sexuality was more than physical and extremely susceptible to being broken. Christ called this brokenness ‘sexual immorality’ (Matthew 15:19, drawing on His teaching in Leviticus 18 which lists six categories of sexual brokenness) and warned that this had eternal consequences because it most naturally leads to worshiping self rather than God.
While we understand that many feel that redefining marriage will alleviate the sense of brokenness that many people feel, the evidence overwhelming says otherwise.
For us as a church to be faithful to teaching of Jesus and to show the greatest care and compassion for all people, especially the broken, we must hold to the only definition of marriage that Christ gave (Matthew 19:4-6) without doing so arrogantly or inconsiderately of the struggles many people have with their sexuality.
This is why we encourage our community to vote No in the upcoming marriage plebiscite.