If COVID has taught us anything, its taught us just how much we need each other and probably (for many of us) how much we didn’t know it! When we’re born we are utterly dependent. As we grow up we increasingly become independent. When we become an adult we learn to get along with others and become interdependent. But adults also experience seasons where it is necessary to be temporarily dependent upon others. These are times when we need the help and care of others. Ironically though, its often the people who are called upon to help and care for others that are the least likely to accept help and care themselves.


‘Adulting’ does mean that you have to manage your various dependencies. This means that when you become an adult, there are times when you have to maintain your independence; then, there are other times when you have to cooperate with others in interdependence; and, then there are those seasons when you need the help of others and you must accept your dependency. But adulting also means that you have to be d…[CONTINUE]

This Sunday is our annual Home Grown Sunday. We will be featuring your art, poetry, songs, crafts, and woodwork. We will also be hearing from four home grown first-time preachers.

To comply with our COVID-SAFE Plan, we will continue to provide you with a ticket into our Sunday service upon arrival. You can also grab some Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to fill for children less privileged than our children. This Sunday will also be Livestreamed as usual.

We’ll also enjoy a time of worshiping God, praying together for our State and Nation, prayer for our received requests.


Each year we host ‘a home grown Sunday’ where we invite those in our congregation to display their art, craft, or handiwork. All of our songs that we sing will have been written by a member of our congregation. Due to the current physical spacing limitations, we are unable to have our usual physical displays of art, craft or handiwork displayed around the building, but we are keen for you to send us through a graphic of your contribution as we will be sharing a virtual picture gallery of all work contributed. You can submit these via eMail.



When I commenced pastoring Legana in 1995, one of my ambitions was to preach through every book of the Bible. On Sunday September 27th I will be commencing one of the two Biblical books that I have not yet preached on.


Prepare now for one of the highlights of our church’s calendar – our annual children’s Christmas play!



We partner with Christian workers and organisations, locally and internationally. Please consider supporting and praying with us for our various missions partners. [MORE

Home Groups are now more than ever a vital part of our church’s community-building. Several Home Groups have now recommenced (depending on their ability to socially-distance) and are now meeting, while others are continuing to meet online via ZOOM.  Visit our Home Groups. We will soon be commencing 10 Truths, Doctrines, Principles Bible Study Series which is looking at Paul’s Epistle to Titus and why it’s relevant for us today.


Electronic giving can be done by Direct Deposits made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account.
The BSB number is 127850
The account number:
For Donations, General Gifts, Tithes, Offerings is  2049 9154    
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For Tax Deductible Gifts for our Children’s Education Building Gift Fund can be made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account-   Account 20436509   Name  Leg Child Edu Cen Build Gift Fund  BSB  124001