The distance between the spiritual dimension and our earthly-material dimension is a lot thinner than most people realise! This means that there is a direct correlation between the state of your emotional, spiritual, intellectual, health and your physical health. As part of my ongoing PhD research into aspects of this phenomena I have been struck by how disconnected many people view these realms, and even more so by how many ancients saw it clearly! The forces of darkness who have, in the words of Jesus the Christ, “come to steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10) often do so literally—that is, physically and materially. Perhaps I am even more struck by how many today fail to recognise that they way to deal with such spiritual attacks often requires very physical and material solutions. When Jerusalem laid in ruins a hundred years or so after the Babylonians destroyed it, Nehemiah was charged with the rebuilding project. Almost immediately upon his arrival in ruins of Jerusalem he as confronted by three evil men who deceptively did everything they could to hinder him. Nehemiah knew these men were under the evil influence of dark powers. And while he certainly prayed to God for divine help to overcome these forces, he also set about to do something very physical involving much material interaction. Six hundred years before Nehemiah engaged in spiritual warfare in this manner, the young military leader, David, also employed a similar strategy. The result of David’s spiritual warfare was a very physical interaction with evil forces – so much so that he was forbidden by GOD to oversee the construction of the Temple because of it (1Chron. 28:3). But without David’s role in that spiritual war the Jerusalem Temple could never have been built. David was an expert in spiritual warfare and we today can learn much from him about how we should engage in spiritual warfare…[CONTINUE READING]


This Sunday, we’ll be worshiping together, praying for our state and nation and ministering to those with prayer requests. In our Sunday 10AM service, our guest speaker, Guy Barnett, will be sharing on “Remembering Why Anzac”. If you’re joining with us online, leave a comment on YouTube or on Facebook and let us know where you’re watching from. 

Monthly Online Discussion Forum

Jesus said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God’ “.
Matthew 4:4

Our new monthly forum – ‘Not by Bread Alone’ – starting on Monday 25th March, offers you the opportunity to further benefit from theOverseer, Online Discipleship Facilitator Word-based teaching that forms a regular part of our Sunday 10AM service.
You are invited to join with others in a discussion which focuses on the recent teaching from our Sunday church services and uses this as a springboard to greater spiritual understanding and growth. Come and participate in a conversation designed to help you grow in both your love for God and for others.
If you have any questions you can talk to Kate Smith after church on a Sunday, send her an email to, or simply come along by clicking here on the last Monday of each month at 7.30pm. BYO cuppa.


Click here to find out what else is going on at Legana in the coming months

SUNDAYS THROUGH MAY, 10:00AM – we will have various speakers presenting; “Fruitfully Knowing God Through The Holy Spirit”.


We will be offering Alpha Online during Term 2, starting Tuesday 30th April 2024. It will run over 11 weekly evening sessions (7.30pm) and will also include a day session on Saturday 15th June.
Alpha provides non-believers and new Christians the opportunity to openly discuss life, faith and meaning with others in a non-judgmental environment while exploring the basics of the Christian faith.
Numbers are limited so you will need to register. You can register to attend by clicking here, and you will then receive an email regarding your registration.
Please feel free to tell your friends and family about the course and invite them along. If you would like further details, please speak with Kate Smith after church or contact the church office.

Several people have asked if Pastor Andrew would consider commencing a weekly audio podcast. Well, he has and here is how you can listen or subscribe to it:

For more Biblical teaching via podcast subscribe to Finding Truth Matters with Dr. Andrew Corbett on iTunes, Soundcloud or Spotify.




The relationship between a follower of Christ and His Church is that of a family where there is deep love for each other. The Scriptures say that God sets the solitary into a “family” (Psalm 68:6). Families are held together by love, not rules, constitutions, or contracts. The Church is described in Scripture as a family “household” with “members” (Eph. 2:19) in the same way that any family has ‘members’. Families are places of love and commitment which cultivate trust. And it’s the same in a local church. Believers belong because they are placed together by God (1Cor. 12:24). Just as in any family household, God places authority within that household. Usually in a natural family that is the role of the parents. In a church it is its leadership comprised of pastors and elders, a management board, team and department leaders, and home-group leaders…[More] [Use the Password PARTNERSHIP to access the sign-up page.]

M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)


MOPS Legana, for mothers of pre-schoolers and generally meets in Children’s Education Centre adjacent to our main building. Mums get an opportunity to meet together, enjoy an interesting guest speaker, share some morning tea together, and do a craft. See Rachel Marshall to find out more.

This year, we want to tell you two things that will change your life if you believe them. First, you are fearfully and wonderfully made… More info available at


Our MOPS ministry has grown! We need help. Are you a grandparent who could spare 90mins every second Thursday to help our other grandparents and young adults to care for a few a pre-schoolers? Please speak to Rachel to join the team. 

Volunteers urgently needed for our Banjo’s Bread collection – If you can spare a few hours one Thursday per month, commencing as soon as possible, please see Kim for more information.


There has been a strong sense among a lot of our consistent pray-ers that we should continue to pray on a monthly basis. Please join us as we gather together at 2pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month.


Due to Mother’s Day, our next meeting will be; 2PM 19th May 2024, Newstead Baptist Church.


We partner with Christian workers and organisations, locally and internationally, particularly in: Vietnam, Northern Nigeria, Northern India, and Asia.  Please consider supporting and praying with us for our various missions partners.



*Special weekly prayer meetings for our new senior pastor happening each Tuesday at 10AM in the auditorium.


Our church meets each Sunday and then in homes through the week. We would like everyone in our church connected to a small group where they can pray with others, share with other, live out God’s Word together, and support each other. We have groups in —

Trevor Weller, every 2nd Wednesday 7:30PM, Lanena.

Trevor Weller, every 2nd Wednesday 2:30PM, Legana

Blair and Julie Davis every second Wednesday 7:30 Riverside

Blair and Julie Davis every 2nd Thursday 7:30 Riverside

Kate Smith’s Cyber Saints Group, 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month 7:30PM, by Zoom

Tom Nielsen, every 2nd Wednesday 7:30PM, Nobelius Drive, Legana

Tom Nielsen every 2nd Wednesday 7:30PM, Nobelius Drive, Legana

Nik Sands, every 2nd Wednesday 7:00PM, Fulton Street

Kim Corbett, every 2nd Monday 7:30PM, Rosevears Drive

Nik Sands, every 2nd Wednesday 7:00PM, Fulton Street

Alex Nielsen, Young Adults group, every 2nd Monday, Riverside

Trevor Weller, every 2nd Wednesday 7:30PM, Lanena.

Elizabeth Bowron, Ladies Day Group every 2nd Wednesday 11:00AM, Legana.

Lynne Parry, every second Thursday, 11AM, Legana

Lynne Parry, every 2nd Thursday 11AM, Legana


+ Renovate and dramatically update the mens’ toilets
+ Construct an office block

Electronic giving can be done by Direct Deposits made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account.
The BSB number is 127850
The account number:
For Donations, General Gifts, Tithes, Offerings is  2049 9154    
For  Missions, Chaplains, Finding Truth Matters is  2049 9191  
For our main Building Fund is  2049 9205
For MOPs is   2049 9287 
For Tax Deductible Gifts for our Children’s Education Building Gift Fund can be made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account- 
 20436509   Name  Leg Child Edu Cen Build Gift Fund  BSB  124001