I was recently reading one of the world’s leading theologians, Dr. David deSilva, who specialises in what the New Testament teaches about Christian community. He reflected on how he had the privilege of being invited into many churches across the United States and Asia. He then made a comment about what he considered was the saddest and most heard appeal given in the hundreds of churches he had been in. 

“It is always a grievous thing when pastors have to call time and time again for Sunday school teachers and youth group leaders—better an empty choir loft than a lack of investment on the part of mature Christians in the lives and the training of the youth in the ‘instruction and discipline of the Lord.’ Our children’s roots in the faith will be all the deeper, and their equipment to engage adult life as Christians all the more complete, if many adults take a keen interest in them, making opportunities to talk with them about God, about living a life that honors God, about the ways in which one can sink deep roots in God’s love.”
David deSilva, “Honor, Patronage, Kinship and Purity”, 2000:239

Dr. deSilva goes on to discuss how every church needs every adult to recognise… [CONTINUE]

This Sunday Pastor Tony Boyle will be sharing. This Sunday will also be Livestreamed as usual.

We’ll also enjoy a time of worshiping God, praying together for our State and Nation and prayer for our received requests.

This Sunday up until and inclusive of Sunday 13th, our children will be going straight up to the Children’s Centre once they are signed in at the Information Desk. The children will be practising for their Christmas Play whilst church is on. For those Jelly Beans children and any visitors, there will be activities for them in the CEC. Once you have signed in your child/ren, please take them up to the CEC.

Our 5:30PM services have recommenced. They are one hour in which we will worship, pray, and then I will be interviewing an invited guest. This Sunday night, I will be interviewing another local hero.


Prepare now for one of the highlights of our church’s calendar – our annual children’s Christmas play to be held on Sunday December 13th. Rehearsals will be commencing on Sunday October 25th as part of our Legana Kids Program.


Invite your friends, family, neighbours, and enemies to join us for our Carols Sunday, 20th December 2020. We will also be holding a community lunch after this Carols Service. If you are intending to come (and please do) you will need to Book your ticket online here as we will not be having a sign-in procedure on the day. We are still looking for some volunteers to help with the baked potatoes (washing / preparing / cooking) and drinks.

Book you ticket online to this event.


Join us on Christmas Day at 9AM for our Annual Christmas Day (one hour) Service.


CELEBRATION TASMANIA, Launceston Silverdome May 1st – 2nd 2021

​Each Sunday this month we have focussed on one of our Missions Partners. So far we have heard from Paul and Deb Hilton in Vietnam, Jossie Chacko with EMPART in India, and Rodney Trinidad from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This Sunday we will continue to hear from our missions partners.

And this Sunday we will commence receiving support for the Annual Red Shield Christmas Hope Appeal. You will notice information about this at the back of the church. We are looking to contribute toward food hampers with non-perishable items to be given out to those in need around our city.

We partner with Christian workers and organisations, locally and internationally, particularly in: Vietnam, Northern Nigeria, Northern India, and Asia.  Please consider supporting and praying with us for our various missions partners. [MORE

For our prayer requests, click here.

Home Groups are now more than ever a vital part of our church’s community-building. Several Home Groups have now recommenced (depending on their ability to socially-distance) and are now meeting, while others are continuing to meet online via ZOOM.  Visit our Home Groups. We will soon be commencing 10 Truths, Doctrines, Principles Bible Study Series which is looking at Paul’s Epistle to Titus and why it’s relevant for us today.


Electronic giving can be done by Direct Deposits made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account.
The BSB number is 127850
The account number:
For Donations, General Gifts, Tithes, Offerings is  2049 9154    
For  Missions, Chaplains, Finding Truth Matters is  2049 9191  
For our main Building Fund is  2049 9205
For MOPs is   2049 9287 
For Tax Deductible Gifts for our Children’s Education Building Gift Fund can be made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account-   Account 20436509   Name  Leg Child Edu Cen Build Gift Fund  BSB  124001