Penn Jillette is one half of the famous comedy-magician team, Penn and Teller. He was originally a juggler who made juggling look like a magic trick. But as I’ve heard him say many times, his juggling wasn’t magic — it was just a lot of hard-work and practice! Penn and Teller host a weekly TV show where they invite the best magicians in the world to come on and try to fool them with their magic. This rarely happens though, as Teller literally seems to know every trick in the book. My fascination with Penn (and Teller), and other world-class magicians, is the result of my pursuit to develop my craft of preaching. It might surprise you to know that there are a lot of similarities between preachers and magicians (just as there is also a lot similarities between solo musicians and preachers which is another source of learning for me). From magicians, I endeavour to learn how to: keep an audience’s attention; how to tell a story; and how to make a point by employing the element of surprise. But there are some significant differences between what magicians do and what preachers do though. A magician is deliberately deceptive. A preacher is striving to be authentic. A magician will lie, distract, and trick his audience. A preacher will speak the truth, seek people’s full attention, and be utterly transparent. Nevertheless, I have great respect for the craftsmanship and work ethic of magicians like Penn Jillette. He is literally not a man easily fooled. But provokes me as a pastor. He is a self-confessed hardened atheist who boldly claims “I know there is no God!” He has even written a book to support his claim. Consequently, I’ve been praying for Penn for some time now. I began when I first heard him publicly ridicule the Bible and Christianity. I have great confidence that God will eventually do something in Penn. My confidence is bolstered by a video he uploaded to Youtube expressing his respect for Christians who truly believe Bible…[CONTINUE READING]


This Sunday we’ll be worshiping together, praying for our state and nation and ministering to those with prayer requests. In our morning and evening services, Pastor Andrew Corbett will be continuing the series, An Exposition Through Paul’s Epistles To The Corinthians; at 10:00AM part:10 “Idolising Food” and at 5:30PM part:11 “The Seal of Paul’s Apostleship”. We will also be having our “Connect Luncheon” for those new to Legana, in order for us to all get to know each other a little better. If you’re joining with us online, leave a comment on YouTube or on Facebook at let us know where you’re watching from.


At Legana Christian Church if you join our 10am Sunday service online you have a chance to meet with others after the service via Zoom for a short video ‘coffee and chat time’ in our Zoom Foyer. You can join others face-to-face and chat over a cuppa straight after the service before heading off for the rest of your day. You are welcome to give this a try if you want to connect with others but for some reason can’t attend church in person. Come along once … come along every week, stay a few minutes … stay until it closes, it’s up to you. All you need to do is click on the link a couple of minutes after the service finishes and wait to be welcomed in. Choose to connect … choose to be encouraged and choose to encourage others.
If you have any questions you can talk to Kate Smith or send her an email


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MONDAY OCTOBER 3rd, 10:00AM – 11:30AM – Wellspring Café.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 9th, 10:00AM – An Exposition Through Paul’s Epistles To The Corinthians, part 12: “Living To The Glory of God”.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 14th, 9:00AM – 5:00PM – Global Leadership Summit.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 14th – SUNDAY OCTOBER 16th – Tasmania Youth Convention.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 16th, 10:00AM – An Exposition Through Paul’s Epistles To The Corinthians, part 13: “The Church is Bigger Than You Think”.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 22nd 9:30AM – 3:30PM – Sharing HOPE in Crisis.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 23rd, 10:00AM – An Exposition Through Paul’s Epistles To The Corinthians, part 14: “Discipline AND Restoration”.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 29th, 9:45AM – 3:00PM – THRIVE Ladies Spring Retreat.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 30th, 10:00AM – Pastor Tony Boyle will be sharing the Word.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19th, 7:45AM – Men’s Breakfast with guest speaker, Letitia Shelton.



The relationship between a follower of Christ and His Church is that of a family where there is deep love for each other. The Scriptures say that God sets the solitary into a “family” (Psalm 68:6). Families are held together by love, not rules, constitutions, or contracts. The Church is described in Scripture as a family “household” with “members” (Eph. 2:19) in the same way that any family has ‘members’. Families are places of love and commitment which cultivate trust. And it’s the same in a local church. Believers belong because they are placed together by God (1Cor. 12:24). Just as in any family household, God places authority within that household. Usually in a natural family that is the role of the parents. In a church it is its leadership comprised of pastors and elders, a management board, team and department leaders, and home-group leaders…[More


We have great pleasure in announcing that the position of Media editor has now been filled. Jason Jessup has now joined our staff, working two days a week editing and producing our weekly radio program, our church news, and our YouTube snippets.

M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)


MOPS Legana, for mothers of pre-schoolers and generally meets in Children’s Education Centre adjacent to our main building. Mums get an opportunity to meet together, enjoy an interesting guest speaker, share some morning tea together, and do a craft. See Elizabeth Hanna (pictured left) or Rachel Marshall (pictured right) to find out more.

This year, we want to tell you two things that will change your life if you believe them. First, you are fearfully and wonderfully made… More info available at


Our MOPS ministry has grown! We need help. Are you a grandparent who could spare 90mins every second Thursday to help over grandparents and young adults to care for a few a pre-schoolers? Please speak to Elizabeth or Rachel to join the team. 


Even though the Will Graham Celebration is now concluded, there has been a strong sense among a lot of our consistent pray-ers that we should continue to pray on a monthly basis. Please join us as we gather together at 2pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

October 9th, House of Prayer Church, Rocherlea.


We partner with Christian workers and organisations, locally and internationally, particularly in: Vietnam, Northern Nigeria, Northern India, and Asia.  Please consider supporting and praying with us for our various missions partners.



  • Please pray for Peter Hjort to be healed.
  • Please pray for Lex Van Dongen to be healed. 
  • Please pray for the effectiveness of our weekly online service.

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Our church meets each Sunday and then in homes through the week. We would like everyone in our church connected to a small group where they can pray with others, share with other, live out God’s Word together, and support each other. We are looking at- REJOICE! Paul’s Epistle To The Philippians Bible Study Series which is looking into Paul’s Epistles to Timothy and why it’s relevant for us today. We have groups in —

Legana, every 2nd Wednesday 7:30PM, Nobelius Drive, Legana

Cyber Saints Group, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month 7:30PM, by Zoom

Sari Makela, every 2nd Monday 7:30PM, Rosevears

Sari Makela, every 2nd Monday 7:30PM, Rosevears

Nik Sands, every 2nd Wednesday 7:00PM, Fulton Street

Nik Sands, every 2nd Thursday 7:30PM, Rosevears Drive

Nik Sands, every 2nd Wednesday 7:00PM, Fulton Street

Alex Nielsen, Young Adults group, Riverside, every 2nd Monday

Trevor Weller, every 2nd Wednesday 7:30PM, Lanena.

Trevor Weller, every 2nd Wednesday 7:30PM, Lanena

Lynne Parry, every second Thursday, 11AM, Legana

Lynne Parry, (2 groups) every second Wednesday (group 1), & Thursday (group 2), 11AM, Legana

Blair and Julie Davis every second Wednesday 7:30 Riverside

Blair and Julie Davis every second Wednesday 7:30 Riverside

Blair and Julie Davis every second Wednesday 7:30 Riverside

Pastor Donna Hill, Home Groups Coordinator


+ Renovate and dramatically update the ladies’ toilets
+ Construct an office block

Electronic giving can be done by Direct Deposits made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account.
The BSB number is 127850
The account number:
For Donations, General Gifts, Tithes, Offerings is  2049 9154    
For  Missions, Chaplains, Finding Truth Matters is  2049 9191  
For our main Building Fund is  2049 9205
For MOPs is   2049 9287 
For Tax Deductible Gifts for our Children’s Education Building Gift Fund can be made electronically into our Bank of Queensland account- 
 20436509   Name  Leg Child Edu Cen Build Gift Fund  BSB  124001