• For Riikka Kuronen and family to be comforted.


  • For Doug and Glenda Townsend to experience the grace of God with wisdom and physical strength.


  • For Rachel Dickson to be strengthened and filled with love of God the Father.


  • For Lindsay Smith’s eyes to be healed and for him to filled with strengthening joy.


  • For Zhali Dingemanse to know the Lord’s wisdom, joy, strength and peace.


  • For Cherrie Hill to experience God’s grace of peace and strength.


  • For Nathan Guy to be full of wisdom, strength and peace.


  • For Elyse Page to be encouraged and experience the strength of Christ.


  • For Rachel Marshall to experience further empowering of the Holy Spirit and God’s effervescent grace.


  • For Cathy de la Motte to know God’s grace, the fullness of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s strength each day.


  • For Kelly Holliday to have a fresh experience of Christ’s loving grace.


  • For Ashley Walters to experience the Lord’s strength and grace.


  • For Chris Herbert to experience the Father’s presence in a profound way.


  • For Michael and Karen Dickson to know the love and grace of Christ deeply.


  • For Trevor Weller to experience and make known Christ and His love and grace deeply.



  • For Trelise Southwood to experience to love of Christ and the knowledge of God the Father.


  • For Samuel Strating to grow in creative confidence to tell wonderful stories of God’s redeeming grace and to be graced with wisdom and strength as he grows in his gifts


  • For Rachel Dickson to be used to bring hundreds of young people to consider the claims of Christ and be strengthened and saturated in God’s presence


  • For Azahlia Dingemanse to change the world and experience God’s peace and strength in the process


  • For Biniyam Spaulding to speak prophetically into his generation with great effectiveness resulting in many, many young people coming to know Christ


  • For Ruby Corbett to boldly shine for Christ so that he grows into a woman of God who changes the course of history to the glory of God so that tens of thousands of her generation will be compelled to receive Christ


  • For Ashleigh Hepher to radiate with the love and joy of Jesus so that many other young ladies are attracted to the beauty of Christ within her


  • For Jessica to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to grow in the knowledge of Christ so that she can boldly refute the objections that many atheists have and lead them to Christ


  • For Bella to be strengthened, encouraged, and healed


  • For Naomi to be a fearless young woman of God who hates evil and what sin does to people


  • For Eunice Kidmas to grow into a woman of God who will be a teacher who will grow some of the most potentially influential leaders in the world into a relationship with Christ.


  • For Ashleigh Hepher to enjoy Christ’s nourishing and sustaining presence and peace.


  • For Esther Kidmas to develop as a singer who will perform on the world-stage and be a bold, steadfast  witness for Christ.


  • For John and Tincha Godfrey to enjoy open doors as they attempt to build a Christian community in Greens Beach.


  • For all those who are invited to church to have an open heart to accept Christ


  • For our monthly Games Morning to connect effectively with our community.


  • For our church to be a Welcoming, Inviting, and Nudging community


  • For Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to come to know Christ and have wisdom


  • For Governor General David Hurley to be a bold Christian witness to those in power


  • For Senator Claire Chandler to be touched by the presence of God


  • For Premier Jeremy Rockliffe to come to know Christ and have wisdom


  • For the leader of the Tasmanian Greens, Rosalie Woodruf to encounter the Risen Saviour


  • For Felix Ellis, Guy Barnett, Madeleine Ogilvie and Michael Ferguson to be bold, winsome, Christian ambassadors in our State Parliament


  • For Launceston Mayor, Matthew Garwood to have strength and wisdom


  • For West Tamar Mayor, Christina Holmdahl to know Christ


  • For Pastor Sean Wood at the Rock Christian Church, Capalaba, Queensland to be blessed


  • For Pastor Chris Maynard at the Tamborine Life Church, Mount Tamborine, Queensland to be blessed


  • For Pastor Carl Mutzelburg at Catalyst Christian Church, Capalaba, Queensland to be blessed


  • Earl Gilchrist, Autotechnica – automotive design and compliance engineering
  • Ben Dhanaraj, Ashton Gate House medical 

  • Ron Darby, Steadfast Assemblies

  • Josiah Kenzie, Dr Device (Phone and Tablet repairs)

  • Mark Salmon, Avarhil Electrical

  • Kathryn Page, Expressions Handmade
  • Dr. Ali Kidmas, High Street Family Medical Practice

  • Alistair Strating, Strating Pianos

  • Michael Dickson, Green something-or-rather


  • For our Pastors and Elders:  Andrew Corbett, Kim Corbett, Ali Kidmas, Geoff Hill, Amanda Darby, Ian Loft, Norm Smail, Riikka Kuronen, Blair Davis, and for a new Senior Pastor.


  • For our Board members: Jared Nielsen, Ian Watts, Thomas Ferguson, Sari Makela and Karen Dickson.


  • For our Online Pastoral Care Coordinator: Kate Smith


  • For our Home Group Leaders: Blair and Julie Davis, Kate Smith, Trevor and Elizabeth Weller, Lynne Parry, Elizabeth Bowron, Tom Nielsen, Kim Corbett, Jared and Alex Nielsen


  • For our Team Leaders: Riikka Kuronen (Kids); Alex Nielsen (Youth), Jared Nielsen (Young Adults), Thomas Ferguson (Music), Jared Nielsen (Audio), Alex Nielsen (Data), Sari Makela (Live-stream), and for a new MOPs leader