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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 100% Sunday / 30th Birthday Celebrations! We had a great day and had 94% of our Sunday morning congregation present – which was wonderful! 

The following two weeks will see the Journey Of A Lifetime continue to unfold as the children undertake a simulated train trip, then the final leg will be a simulated boat trip. The children will be signed in each Sunday morning and join us for the first 15 minutes or so of our service until their ‘boarding call’ is announced, then parents will be handing over their children to the supervision of our KiDS Church workers. This is when they will have their boarding passes checked and proceed out of the side-door (near the stage) and proceed up to the ‘boarding gate’. 


Meanwhile, we will celebrate our church’s 30th birthday by looking back over our history and giving thanks for where we have come from, and then reflect on the journey of our lives generally and draw some parallels for how we can journey with Christ now and into the future.

Thank you for being a part of our church community.

Pastor Andrew