Risk Management Officer – Tony Boyle    
Review Date – 12 Months from Approval 


Management, staff, volunteers and permanent contractors at Legana Christian Church are required to abide by this Code.  

The Legana Christian Church Board will-

1. Be responsible for the overall welfare and wellbeing of staff and volunteers; 

2. Be accountable for managing and maintaining a duty of care towards staff and volunteers; and  

3. Nominate a Risk Management Officer to provide information and support to all staff, volunteers, children, young people and their carers regarding child protection matters. 

All people involved in the care of children on behalf of Legana Christian Church will- 

1. Comply with the Policies and Codes of Conduct of Legana Christian Church;

2. Hold a current Working with Vulnerable People card;

3. Complete Childsafe on-line training in accordance with ChildSafe recommendations below:

  • Team members will complete M3 “Keeping Children & Vulnerable People Safe.”
  • Team Leaders, Pastors, Board Members, Elders, Childsafe Coordinators & the Risk Management Officer will also complete Childsafe Module L1 “The ChildSafe SP3 Team Leader” & Module L2 “Permission to Proceed.”
  • Childsafe Coordinators, Pastors and the Risk Management Officer will also complete C1 “The Childsafe Coordinator.”

 4.Take responsibility for the administration of programmes and activities in their area, according to their level of responsibility and Childsafe recommendations;

5. Maintain a duty of care towards others involved in these programmes and activities;

6. Establish and maintain a child-safe environment in the course of their work;

7. Be fair, considerate and honest with others;

8. Treat children and young people with respect and value their ideas and opinions;

9. Act as positive role models in their conduct with children and young people;

10. Be professional in their actions;

11. Maintain strict impartiality;

12. Be committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and those from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and to provide a safe environment for children living with a disability.

13. Comply with specific organisational and Childsafe guidelines on physical contact with children;

14. Respect the privacy of children, their families and teachers/carers, and only disclose information to people who have a need to know;

15. Inform their Team Leader, Supervisor and/or a nominated Childsafe Child Protection Officer if it is suspected that a child has been subjected to, or is at immediate risk of abuse;      

No person shall- 

1. Shame, humiliate, oppress, belittle or degrade children or young people;

2. Unlawfully discriminate against any child;

3. Engage in any activity with a child or young person that is likely to physically or emotionally harm them;

4. Initiate unnecessary physical contact with a child or young person, or do things of a personal nature for them that they can do for themselves; 

5. Be alone with a child or young person unnecessarily;

6. Develop a ‘special’ relationship with a specific child or young person for their own needs;

7. Show favouritism through the provision of gifts or inappropriate attention; 

8. Arrange contact, including online contact, with children or young people outside of the organisation’s programmes and activities. This includes all forms of social media and texting;

9. Photograph or video a child or young person without the consent of the child and his/her parents or guardians;

10. Work with children or young people while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;

11. Engage in open discussions of a mature or adult nature in the presence of children;

12. Use inappropriate language in the presence of children; or

13. Do anything in contravention of the organisation’s policies, procedures or this Code of Conduct.

Any person who has been invited by the Kid’s Church Coordinator to deliver a one-off presentation, is required to read and familiarise themselves with the LCC Code of Conduct and provide written confirmation to the Kid’s Church Coordinator.  If this person has not completed Childsafe training and provided proof of this, together with proof of a current WWVP card, they must remain in the presence of a qualified adult Kid’s Church volunteer at all times when in the CEC.”


 What happens if you breach this Code of Conduct

If you breach this Code of Conduct you will face disciplinary action, including and up to termination of employment or cessation of engagement with the organisation.

Legana Christian Church Board
June 2020