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Worship is our expression of surrender and devotion to God. It is the essence of the Christian life. Every believer relishes the opportunity to privately worship. But there is something even more powerful when believers gather together to worship. We strive to worship in the most God-centred way we can.

Therefore we worship by…

  • Coming together every Sunday (Hebrews 10:25)


  • Bright singing  (Psalm 13:6; Ephesians 5:19)


  • Using contemporary music  (Psalm 149:3)


  • Public prayer  (2Chronicles 7:14)


  • Clapping  (Psalm 47:1)


  • The raising of hands  (Ex. 17:11; Psalm 28:2; 63:4; 1Tim. 2:8;)


  • Spiritual gifts  (1Corinthians 14:26)


  • Bible reading  (1Tim. 4:13)


  • Preaching and teaching of God’s Word  (1Tim. 4:13)

  • Communion  (1Corinthians 11:23-30)


  • Tithes and offerings  (Mal. 3:10; 1Corinthians 16:1)


…catering for various age groups.



  • Our small groups provide the first level of care and support for those in our church family.


  • Pastoral staff are available to help people work through intensive challenges that they may be facing, and offer counselling where appropriate.


  • If made aware of hospitalisation, a member of our Care Team will almost certainly visit you and offer ministry which may consist of a Bible reading, prayers, anointing with oil, or sometimes communion.


  • Julie Davis leads our Care team which is comprised of volunteer carers.



  • The Pastors are responsible for the spiritual care of those in our assembly under God (Acts 20:28; 1Tim. 3:1-7; 1Pt. 5:2-3)


  • Department Team Leaders are empowered to make decisions affecting their departments or teams

  • We have Department/Team Leaders for our Children, Youth, Service Attendants and Worship Team, who are empowered to make decisions relating to their departments.


  • We have a Board that meets regularly to oversee the finances, property matters and Partnership Applications.


Most decisions are made after consultation with leaders and members directly affected. Decisions regarding what happens during our worship services are discussed with the Celebration Team (those involved in leading an aspect of the Sunday Worship services). Decisions on the direction of the church are made in consultation with Pastors and Elders, Department Leaders, and at times with the Board. Suggestions and contributions from members are welcome, but the final decision rests with the Church Leadership Team.



We don’t ever enjoy seeing people leave our church. There are several reasons why we would like the opportunity to say “Good-bye” and lovingly farewell people –

  1. Leaving to start a church or be a part of a church plant
  2. Geographical relocation
  3. A family reunion
  4. Leaving for ministry training in a Bible College (etc.)
  5. A job transfer to another place
  6. Returning home after an extended stay in Tasmania


Your small group will be the first to pray for you, throw a small farewell party, and perhaps give you a gift to remember us by. During our Sunday celebration, the oversight will pray for you and ask God’s blessing on your new journey. A letter of reference will be sent to your next church.



Our Church’s evangelism strategy is multi-faceted.  It is built on the foundation of our friendship with those who do not yet know Christ. It is bolstered by our prayers for their salvation. It is complemented by our invitation to join us in one of our Sunday services. And it is made all the more attractive by highly intentional and strategic outreach events.



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