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We’re inviting all children between the ages of 3 to 12 years to come along and join in our Kids Program every Sunday morning –

Your children will benefit greatly from receiving this wisdom in a language they can understand presented in a fun, energetic, and age-appropriate manner.  
Parents, we seek to keep your children as safe as possible (read our Child/Youth Safety Policy). To do this, we require that all children are checked in between 9:45AM to 10:15AM. Once we have processed all of the checked-in children (which involves pre-sorting them into teams for games and activities) we then require a parent/guardian to “hand-over” their children into the care and supervision of our Children Workers when the parent/ guardian will receive a computer generated corresponding identity sticker which they will need to collect their child at 11:30AM. 

There is no cost for having your children participate in our LeganaKiDS program. 

Each Sunday throughout the year, children aged between 3 and 12 go out to our KiDS Church. Once children are checked-in they join us in our main church service until hand-over happens and they proceed up to our Children’s Centre (pictured below).

Legana Children's Centre

Children are generally grouped into these age groupings-

Children aged 3 – 6 ~ “Jelly Beans”

Children aged 6 – 10 ~ “Choc Chips”

Children aged 11 – 12  ~ “Chillies”


If you would like more information about our Children’s program, please contact us. We welcome you to inspect our facilities including our Children’s Centre which can be arranged by appointment. Parents are welcome to drop their children off at Legana Christian Church provided they check their children and officially hand them over to us.


Read our Children and Youth Safety Policy