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If you would like to enquire about using our facilities for a function, please read our Terms & Conditions, and complete the booking request form below. If there is anything herewith that you wish to discuss, please contact the Church office here or by phoning 03 6330 2885.


The following are not permitted-

  • smoking of tobacco or illegal substances within our buildings or within 5 metres of our facilities
  • consumption or storage of alcohol
  • gambling
  • offensive language
  • inappropriate or excessively loud music
  • inappropriate or lewd clothing
  • the possession or exhibition of any pornographic material
  • any conduct which misrepresents Legana Christian Church’s values
  • the obstruction of any walkways, pavements, entrances, passages, courts, corridors, vestibules, halls, parking areas, stairways, fire escape doors or other parts of the property that may pose a risk to the user
  • covering or obstructing any lights, skylights, windows or other means of illumination of the property that may pose a risk to the user
  • throwing or permitting to be thrown or to be dropped or to fall, any articles or substances whatsoever from or out of the property and placing upon any sill, ledge or there like part that may pose a risk to the user
  • unauthorised burning of rubbish or waste
  • using the property for any business or commercial purpose of the display or advertisement of any goods or services except with the consent of Legana Christian Church
  • displaying goods or merchandise outside the property
  • leaving garbage or waste on or outside of the property and the placing of an unreasonable amount of garbage or waste in the garbage bins located on the property
  • any other conduct Legana Christian Church shall from time to time prescribe as conduct not permitted

The promotion of the following is prohibited-

  • witchcraft
  • the occult
  • demonology
  • satanism
  • New Age practices
  • horoscopes
  • use of crystal balls for fortune telling
  • astral travel
  • murder
  • suicide
  • euthanasia
  • genocide
  • adultery
  • fornication
  • polygamy
  • other religious views contrary to Legana Christian Church’s beliefs

Additional Requirements include-

Property is to be maintained and kept tidy. Furnishings should be returned to their original placement and condition. Nothing may be nailed, screwed, stapled, or adhered to walls, doors, or other surfaces or parts of the building. Church contents and/or fixtures should not be removed rom the property without prior permission from the Church Board or its authorised agent. Any suspicions of theft will be reported to the Church Board and/or Tasmania Police.

Any damage to Church facilities or property caused by the event or its participants, is the responsibility of the event organiser and the Church must be notified immediately. Damaged must be paid for by the event organiser in a time frame which is satisfactory to the Church.

Emergency procedures are posted throughout the property. Organisers should become familiar with these. The property is not to be used in a manner which could cause a risk to the health and safety of others. Safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and hoses, smoke alarms, etc. should not be tampered with or removed.

Community groups which seek to use our facilities on a regular basis must lodge a bond to be determined by the Church’s Board which is a minimum of $100.  

NB Regularly scheduled Church meetings have first priority in relation to the use of the property of Legana Christian Church.  Other Church related meetings have second priority, with outside organisations or people being eligible to use the facilities, when not being used by church individuals/groups. People or organisations wishing to use the facilities at Legana Christian Church need to have their application approved by the Church Board.

NB Our facilities are not to be used for commercial activities for personal gain. In some instances where there is value to the community through an activity which involves fees, there will be a negotiated rate for the Church to recover its costs.


When would you like to book our Children’s Education Centre:

Our CEC (Children’s Education Centre)

CEC -carpeted area of the Children's Education Centre
CEC - outside the front of our Children's Education Centre
CEC - the vinyl and matted area of the Children's Education Centre
CEC - the kitchen area of the Children's Education Centre