It’s only in the last few years that we have felt the Lord lead us to adopt a theme for the year. Last year, before many of us went into lockdown in our homes, we had felt the Lord put on our hearts the theme, Welcome home. This year, we have felt the Lord lead us to focus on the theme, grow. The word grow conjures up different emotions in me. There was a time, quite early in my pastoral ministry, when it was recommended to me that I engage a ministry coach. It was my desire to do all I could to see our little church at Legana grow. The ministry coach agreed that this should be my focus. It just so happened that at this time I was in the throes of my doctoral studies. 


It might be easy to assume that all religions are like Christianity and spread by converting people; however, while there might be some exceptions, other religions predominantly grow by being born into them. Christianity is an evangelistic religion that appeals to people to be converted and become disciples of Christ. This might mean that Christianity, perhaps unlike other religions, leaves converts susceptible to falling away from their newfound faith because they would not have had the advantage of years enculturation. But, as Christ and His disciples taught, becoming a disciple is indeed marked by a conversion moment (even if it is subtle and immediately recognised); but, it should not just be an event. When someone becomes a new Christian, their security and development in Christ can be ensured when they are taught the essential truths of Christianity; namely, the Bible, their salvation, and their place in the church…

Three Cheers For Counter Weights

THREE CHEERS FOR THESE THREE I’m not sure why car wheels need balancing after their tyres are fitted, but without those little balancing weights strategically placed around the rim of the wheel, a car’s steering would vibrate and the car would veer one way...