Worship Team Induction Policy

Thank you for making a commitment to serve God in praise and worship with the Legana Worship Team at our Sunday Services.  Please read through the following document to familiarise yourself with the team, how it operates and your role in the Legana Worship Team. 


Thomas Ferguson is the team leader and has oversight of the team. Various Music Directors will also serve during Sunday Services.


Elvanto is a web-based church database and is used by the Worship Tea for rostering.  You will receive a message from Tom towards the end of each month asking for your unavailabilities for the next month.  Worship team members are strongly advised to submit those in Elvanto when prompted. This then minimises roster clashes and “no-shows” during the ensuing month.  Also, when submitting these please consider any Tuesday night practices that you aren’t available, as we would like to have as any of the team members who are rostered on for the coming Sunday to attend their respective Tuesday night practice.

Legana Worship Team Facebook Page

If you are a Facebook user, we will then invite you to become part of the Legana Christian Church Worship Team page on Facebook.  This page is used as a communication tool where practice sessions are advertised.  It is also occasionally used for other messages and words of encouragement.  This page is used as a communication tool where practice sessions are advertised.  It is also occasionally used for to her message and words of encouragement.  This page is an “invite only” page and people can only be added through an administrator therefore, if you’re on Facebook, let us know and we will add you onto the page. 

Practice Times

  1. For the Sunday morning service, practice commences at 8:30am.
  2. For the Sunday evening service, practice commences at 4.30pm.

Please make sure that you are ready to start practice at the specified times so that price time can be fully utilised.  If you need to set up any gear for your instrument, feel free to arrive a little earlier than the specified practice time to enable this to happen. 

Practice nights are on Tuesdays at 7pm.  These nights are mostly for the team the is rostered for the following Sunday morning, to practice their worship songs for that service plus any new songs that re being introduced to the team for that month.  New members that are playing on Sunday nights are also encouraged to attend so they can start learning our songs and how we work as a team.

We hold “all in” nights where new songs will be introduced or there will be a focus on a special them for the night. Thomas will organise and communicate these as they occur.  During the year there will be training workshops to help build up our skills.  An example may be a keyboard workshop or a guitar workshop.  Depending on the instrument or focus, will determine who will facilitate these.  Occasionally we will also invite a guest musician in who is expert in their field of music, to develop musicality in the team.

All practice nights and meetings are advertised via text and on the Facebook Worship team age, but if the night only involves certain people, those people will be tagged or text’d.  Please make every effort to attend “all in” and worship nights as it’s the best way to build ourselves up as a team, to hear about any feedback relating to how Sunday worship is going and to get fully acquainted with new songs that are happening at Legana Christian Church.

Practical Considerations

As a Worship Team Member, it would also be appreciated if members can be mindful of cleaning up any mess created at practice, including washing and wiping up used kitchen-ware.  Lights should be switched off, sound desk and air conditions turned off and the alarms set before the last person leaves. 

Dress Code

As a team, we need to be aware that we are representing Legana Christian Church in worship and song. Quite often, the congregation and visitors have a certain idea of what Legana Christian Church will “look like.” Therefore, we need to be good stewards of the gifting God has given us by representing Him and the church well in how we conduct ourselves and appear on stage.

In line with this, certain standards of dress are strongly encouraged, whereas other standards are discouraged by Legana Worship Team Leadership.

What we encourage:

  • Smart dress, not necessarily evening dress, but likewise not sloppy attire
  • Being suitable covered and modest
  • Not being provocative in our attire, therefore dress as mostly as possible (modesty is more important than fashion trends). 

What we discourage:

Sloppy clothes e.g. faded and/or ripped denim jeans/shorts, thongs, board shoes, faded/old tee shirts short shorts. 

Clothing that is too revealing

  1. for females – short skirt, short dresses, sort shorts, shoulders that are uncovered (pencil strap tops, singlets, strapless tops/dresses, bra straps showing0 but thick straps covering the shoulders are acceptable, tops that show bare midriffs, see through tops, tops that show cleavage, revealing underwear, revealing trousers. 
  2. For males – revealing trousers.  Men need to wear appropriate length and style of trousers and shorts for church.

On occasions, we wear special Legana Christian Church branded polo shirts for special events.  The cost of these tops need to be met by each individual, with LCC covering the cost of the monogramming.

Music and Rosters

Songs for each Sunday are chosen by the Worship Leader and are included on the service plan for each service on Elvanto.

Each Sunday the stage will be set up with the stage equipment during the week, according to how many musicians, vocalists, those requiring microphone stands etc. are needed.  We also encourage those who are a little tech savvy to try using iPads or android tablets for music and/or lyrics during a service. this reduces music stands and stage clutter.  Please contact Tom if you need a tablet holder for your Paid or tablet. 

It is also expected that each member of the worship team have their own set of inner ear monitor ear phones.  Please see Tom for more information.

Rosters are prepared monthly and you will receive an email/s advising you of your rostered positions.  Please be prompt in accepting your positions for the month as Tom can then organise a swap in plenty of time, where needed.  If you do need to organise a swap, could you let Tom know as he will then inform the Worship Leader of the change.

Protocol for Morning and Evening Services

The morning and evening services both have a different focus and therefore have different needs to be met by the Worship Team. 

  1. The Morning Service

The morning service is mainly aimed at our own congregation and any visitors that might arrive. It also is the largest service. Therefore, the morning service aims to-

  • Speak a message to those who don’t yet know Christ or have returned to Christ after a long absence
  • Provide in depth teaching for our congregation over a sustained period e.g. the Jeremiah Series which lasted many years

The Worship Team Leadership will therefore be looking at-

  • Having accomplished musicians and vocalists playing at the service.
  • Worship Leaders, musicians and vocalists who understand what ‘worship’ means.
  • People who are in tune with procedures during worship, during song transitions, before/during/after communion, when performing items etc.

During the am service some certain points need to be kept in mind by both the Worship Leader and the Team-

  • Start worship with a strong ‘build’. This means the Worship Leader needs to be supported by a strong band who can confidently build the atmosphere while he or she is speaking and to then lead into a song with lots of energy. Please ensure therefore that the first song is not a time to ‘lack lustre’.
  • To provide good transitions between songs. This is a lot easier when songs follow each other in the same key, but if two consecutive songs aren’t in the same key, it’s important for musicians (in particular keys and guitar) to practice a nice transition between songs so that the Worship Leader isn’t praying in complete silence.
  • Drummers need to keep a mental note of the songs they need to count in and ones where they need to start with little or no playing. Musicians and vocalists need to make a note of when they are required to take part in a song. This way we don’t have a situation of everyone playing/singing right throughout every song, but songs have ‘light and shade’ instead.
  • Communion is a time of personal reflection. It’s therefore important not to create any distractions before, during and after this part of the service. People should stay on stage during communion. Guitarists should preferably stand with their guitars strapped on (don’t remove them and create a distraction) and vocalists are free to stand towards the back of the stage
  • The Worship Leader or a vocalist will need to collect the Team Communion tray and distribute the emblems. Once the Communion speaker is praying, background music (keys/acoustic guitar) is recommended. When the speaker is finished, a smooth transition back into Worship by continuing on with prayer and background music is also recommended.
  • After the 4th song and before offering, the team are to leave backstage. 
  • At the end of the service, the team will be invited back on stage to perform the last worship song. The Worship Leader will inform the team what the last song will be as they return to the stage. 
  1. The Evening Service 

The evening service is a time for prayer, testimonies and a time for those who are strongly involved in church life to be fed and refreshed. Therefore this service aims to-

  • Provide leadership training and spiritual nourishment in a more personal, relaxed setting. This is particularly beneficial for more established church members and church partners.
  • Provide an opportunity for prayer and testimony between members of Legana Christian Church in a non-threatening environment.
  • A time for church members to encourage other members and their family, children in the faith.

The Worship Team Leadership will therefore be looking at-

  • Team members who are more experienced in their playing to provide mentoring for less experienced players.
  • Using the evening service as a platform for less experienced musicians and vocalists to build up their skills.
  • An opportunity for less experienced Worship Leaders and their team to practice skills such as song transitions, building, free worship and song introduction riffs.

During the pm service some certain points need to be kept in mind by both the Worship Leader and the Team-

  • The Worship Leader to keep in mind the skill level of their musicians when picking songs for a pm service.
  • For more experienced Team Members to mentor and encourage less experienced members.
  • To limit the number of songs to 3 as this allows more time for prayer, testimony and fellowship after church.
  • To practice building at the start of worship, transitioning between songs fluidly (not in complete silence) and practice creating ‘light and shade’ in a song.
  1. Some general points about worship-
  • If you are a worshipper on stage, you should also be a worshipper when you’re in the congregation and especially in your daily life. People in the congregation notice how we behave off stage and in the seats, so our worship should look consistent with our private worship and how we worship on stage. Plus…….people shouldn’t be shocked when they find out you’re in the worship team!!
  • As a commitment to being a part of the Worship Team on any particular Sunday, there is an expectation that you will remain for the entire service.
  • All of us on the team are ‘Worship Leaders’ because we are collectively leading the church in worship. We need to be aware of this when we are on stage.
  • God has gifted all of us musically and/or vocally. It’s important to be good stewards of what God has given us by-
  1. Approaching each Sunday with prayer and reflection
  2. Having a teachable and humble spirit that is willing to listen to the instructions of the Worship Leader and/or Music Director and be willing to show them FULL support (this also means that any communication about sound issues should be directed to your Music Director/Worship Leader so that they can also liaise with the sound person).
  3. Make sure you know your songs well so that you can easily change between verse/chorus/bridge easily upon receiving hand signals.
  4. Practice, practice, practice!!!
  5. If you can afford it, having lessons in your chosen area is also prudent.

Thank you again for your commitment to the Legana Christian Church Worship Team. May God bless you richly as you serve His Kingdom and the church in this way.

Updated November 2020