These studies are used by churches around the world.

The Gospel

16 Studies

Romans 1 – 16

Building A Covenant Community

27 Studies

Romans 12:9-21

How Then Shall We Now Live

15 Studies

Romans 13-16

The Christian Walk

30 Studies

First Peter 1-5

Hi. I want to thank you for your group Bible studies. We find them very helpful & we love doing them.

Bill Shipley

Deacon, Fleckney Baptist Church, England

We have a congregation of about 80. From 12-15 people attend Bible Study each week. The sharing of insights from the Scriptures have been wonderful and make for great discussion.

Patrick Rossi

Teaching Pastor, First Church of God Mt Vernon, Ohio,USA

Acts of Transformation

4 Studies

Book of Acts

Name, A Story

5 Studies 


The Mission of the Church

6 Studies

Gospels, Acts, Epistles

The Beatitudes

6 Studies

Matthew 5-7

Different -Paul’s Epistle To The Colossians

11 Studies

Colossians 1-4

Prayer That Works

7 Studies

Old & New Testaments

Lessons From The Life of King David

7 Studies

First Samuel to First Kings

The Beatitudes

6 Studies

Matthew 5-7

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> The Church

>> Developing A Covenant Community of Believers

>> How Then Shall We Now Live

> The New Testament

>> The Beatitudes

>> The Gospel, Paul Epistle To The Romans

>> Different, Paul Epistle To The Colossians


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