Our Church Family-

  • Please pray for our expectant mothers, Rachel Marshall, and Angel Loft to be kept safe and well

And . . .

  • For Des Izard to be completely healed and to know Christ more intimately
  • For Lois Kidmas to be healed
  • For Russell MacKenzie to be blessed & encouraged
  • For Sam Spaulding to be well and strengthened
  • For Bronson Brandis-Gray to be blessed
  • For Shirley Smail to be blessed with strength
  • For Mark Jago to be blessed
  • For Brooke Hill to be healed

Beyond –

  • For Tasmania’s drought to break
  • For Prime Minister Turnbull to have wisdom
  • For Premier Will Hodgman to have wisdom
  • For Rene Hidding, Jacquie Petrusma, Elise Archer, Guy Barnett, and Michael Ferguson to be bright Christian witnesses in the Parliament
  • For Mayor Albert van Zetten to have wisdom
  • For Pastor Shawn & Michelle Holcomb to be blessed
  • For Pastor Mark Bridgewater to have strength

 Vision Prayer Points-

  • For the miraculous provisions of funds for our Building Extension (a further $260,000)
  • For a Youth/Young Adults pastor
  • For us to commence two new Home Groups this year (we need suitable hosts, and trained leaders)
  • For us to raise up and send out church-planters, pastors, and missionaries

Outreach Events-

  • Youth Alpha! Camp this weekend
  • For more people to be invited to church and have the gumption to come along

Missions Partners –

  • Paul & Deb Hilton, Vietnam
  • Kent and Ruth Hodge, Nigeria
  • Bruce Hills, World Outreach International Director
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • WayFM
  • City Mission
  • Family Voice
  • Australian Christian Lobby
  • Emily’s Voice

Businesses –

  • Ron Darby
  • Geoff Hill
  • Michael Dickson
  • Ian Loft

Send in your Prayer Request online or on Sunday morning.