Four Absolute Necessities In Following Christ

We are excited about this book by Dr. Tony Evans. He seems to have beautifully captured the essence of living a vibrant Christian life. He has taken some very complex issues and simplified them, without losing any of the richness of their intended purpose. Whether you have been a Christian for years, or are just starting out in this journey, you'll find new insights from this book. This course is designed to maximise the benefit of Dr. Evan's book. As we shall discover, there is tremendous benefit in studying the Bible together. If however you are unable to do this, there is a benefit in using this course for your personal and private enrichment.


The dynamic of fellowship within a group Bible study is unique and special. In fact Dr. Evan's will bring this fact out in his book. There is an atmosphere of spiritual passion and interaction within a group setting, that is not possible for an individual to experience in private. A major part this course's value will be the contribution you make to the discussion during the Bible study. To enhance your contribution, you can answer the questions and do the required reading before you come to the weekly study group meeting. You may find that you have some additional thoughts or Scripture that is relevant to a particular question or discussion point. There is space provided throughout this course for you to write your personal thoughts down to bring up during the discussion.


You will quickly notice from Dr. Evan's book that he is committed to the Bible. He doesn't water it down, compromise it, or suggest an alternative. In order to maximise your appreciation of this course you must accept the Bible as God's infallible, Sufficient, written Word. Nothing can be added to God's Word (Prov. 30:5-6). We believe that God speaks today. But it is the Word of God as given to us in Scripture that tests every supposed word from God. It is on this basis that we can have confidence that what we are about to study is approved by God because we are honouring His Word (2Tim. 2:15).


We feel that this book and course will serve two highly focussed purposes which are interrelated to each other. Firstly it will form the foundation for our on-going discipleship programme. Secondly, it will sharpen and ground those already following the Lord and seeking to 'parent' a new believer. We would expect that after someone has done the Alpha! course, they would soon enrol in the What Matters Course. All those who have completed this course and have grasped its teaching should look to lead others through it in a small group setting within the context of the oversight of the church.

God bless you.

Andrew Corbett

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