written by Andrew Corbett

When constructing a major building it is usual practice to put up scaffolding. Scaffolding goes up quick and can reach dizzy heights. But you can't build with it, only from it. In our lives, families, businesses, and church, we are involved in building. What we build with determines the character of our building.

(Rom 5:3-4 NCV) We also have joy with our troubles, because we know that these troubles produce patience. And patience produces character, and character produces hope.

1. Based on Romans 5:4, what are the things associated with building character?


2. What do we have when we have troubles according to Romans 5:4?


When the storms of troubles come upon a building, the structure of the building will be tested. Scaffolding is easily blown away when a building is put under major pressure. While builders need scaffolding to build with, it is not used for the super structure of a building. In business, the scaffolding may be gimmicks, the give aways, the decor, but the structure which gives a business its character is (i) its product; (ii) its customer service; (iii) its value, and (iv) its staff.

3. How is character reflected in a church?


Character is the result of endurance, commitment, and a determination to finish what has been started...

4. Match the following comparisons, and discuss-

  • led by feelings
  • doesn't fear failure
  • wants to receive
  • endures under pressure
  • flees under pressure
  • admits mistakes and accepts responsibility for them
  • must win if going to play
  • led by responsibilities
  • looks for bandwagons
  • often goes where there is no band, and sometimes no wagon
  • hides mistakes and seeks to blame others
  • wants to give
  • Character is doing the things that have to be done when you don't feel, or want, to do them...

    Building character requires certain tools. In the next study we'll examine the necessary tools to develop character.


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